Garden Journal: May 2021

May is a wonderful time in the garden. Lots of growth, lots of blooms, lots of scents, lots of work, lots of enjoyment. It is also a time to say hello and goodbye to lots of blooms on plants.

bleeding hearts growing at

The bleeding hearts, both pink and white are in full bloom.

May 2021 in the garden at

It is hello and goodbye to the sand cherry shrub as it bursts into lovely pink flowers, lasting about a week till they fade away.

May 2021 in the garden at

The white trillium blooms turn pink. It is Mother Nature’s way of telling us the blooms are finishing. Goodbye trilliums till next year.

May 2021 in the garden at

The mid sized yellow iris come into bloom while the taller iris start to bud.

May 2021 in the garden at

Goodbye windmill garden. We have been working on the dismantling of the windmill garden. I’m looking for an easier way of life and not having to maintain this garden will help me out. Plants were dug out and moved to other areas, the ground was flattened, and some strips of sod were laid. We have been busy watering this area at least twice a day to keep it moist and ensure the roots grow down into the ground. Look back in the distance, by one of the big trees and you will see the new home for the windmill.

May 2021 in the garden at

Work has started on the plant tables with the planting of the tomato plants and the four o’clock roots. This is another area that has been reduced in size. I’m only growing tomatoes this year and a few beans. I buy my veggies at the farm stand now.

Herb's Place at

Herb’s Place continues to change. The black tubs in front of the trellis have now been planted with scarlet runner beans. I made a new sign out of an old shovel handle and some pieces of drift wood. Each is painted with a word – pick, eat,enjoy. Some of the old garden gloves have been pegged onto a line under the free weeds sign.

May 2021 in the garden at

More blooms to say hello to are the columbine, the dames rocket and the ferns & bleeding hearts. The blooms won’t be around much past the end of the month.

peonies growing at

The month of May has gone by quickly. Enjoy the blooms while they are here. They fade quickly but others are ready to take their place. The peonies are just opening, will be here a few days. If we don’t get any heavy rain they will be here a few days longer.

And here is that tip to do before working in the garden.  Push your fingernails into a bar of soap and get the soap stuck under your nails.  If you don’t this is what your nails will look like. EVen if you wear garden gloves this is a good hint to use.

a hint for keeping fingernails clean at

Are you doing any transplanting into bigger pots? Try this.

I’m sharing these views of the garden with Through my Garden Gate.

garden line

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6 Responses

  1. Joy O'Connor

    Hey that was a well thought out post we can all identify with Linda !
    I was just thinking how the gardens are shifting into another gear now, it some how is faster than last year . We didn’t get the Spring rain that we usually do so we are in a bit of a drought here .. hand watering until the sprinklers are on line is a tedious job but I can’t let my plants shrivel up !
    I too usually do the coffee filter trick as well .. when I don’t have that on hand I use paper towels.
    I am also trying to lessen the work load I created with my gardens, thinking I could handle it forever ? LOL .. we have to slow down as we age .. but it is a little sad at times for me .. I guess I have to get over that and get on with it.
    The soap trick is great, I have to double glove my hands .. I can’t chance it.
    Enjoy the good weather and your gardens !

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Joy, the garden has been enjoying much needed rain overnight and this morning. Never thought to use a paper towel in the bottom of a pot. Lately I’ve been using bits of the black fabric inhibitor that I got in a roll from the dollar store awhile ago. I’ve slowed right down on my gardening, no annuals that need maintenance, just perennials that don’t care if it gets too dry. Have a lovely day.

  2. Jennifer Jilks

    What great ideas.
    I’ve planted some squash, but we had frost. We rely on our local farmers, who are great.
    What I love about your garden and mine is that it blooms on a cycle, all growing season. It’s great!

  3. Margie

    Your flowers are lovely! I look forward to seeing what blooms in June.

    Thanks for the hacks on clean nails and coffee filter pot liners!

  4. Sarah

    I always focus on the new plants emerging in my garden rather than saying goodbye to the ones that have gone before.Some plants only make a fleeting appearance. Lovely seeing your beautiful blooms. Thanks for those hints they will be very useful. Sarah

    • Crafty Gardener

      With certain blooms finishing there are always new ones appearing. I try to have plants with blooms all through the season. Have a lovely day.

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