Make Festive Envelopes

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The holiday season is fast approaching.  Giving something homemade makes it a bit more special.

It is almost that time of year to send our Christmas cards and instead of those plain envelopes that come with purchased cards why not create some festive ones.

You need an envelope template, some  labels, glue and some festive paper.  If you are using homemade cards be sure to get an envelope that fits the card.

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 Start by carefully taking apart the plain white envelope.

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Choose some colourful wrapping paper and trace the template with a pencil.  Cut out carefully.  I make sure to choose good quality wrapping paper as it is a little thicker.  Remember your envelope had to go through those mailing and sorting machines and the thin paper just won’t hold up.  Our dollar stores have a great selection of rolls of wrapping paper.

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Fold up the template envelope and lay it on the wrapping paper one.  Fold the edges up carefully and press to get the folds.

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Fold in the two side flaps.  Glue the edges of the bottom flap and fold up.  Press and hold into place until it sticks.  When I worked with little children making these we would always practice our counting or alphabet while the glue dried,

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It’s a good idea to check to see if your card fits inside before gluing.

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Add a plain white label to the front for the recipient’s name and address.  You can even personalize these if you use a program to print your labels.  I use an online site to create the labels and then print right from my own printer.  I buy my packets of labels at the dollar stores.

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You can use your glue stick to fasten the top flap down or you can use a seasonal sticker to fix it down.  To be doubly sure why not do both.

Inside the envelope I’m tucking homemade greeting cards.  The cards and envelopes were purchased from Michael’s at a bargain price and I’m printing some of my best photos to add to the front.

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By tucking in a little homemade gift, like Christmas tea, or a bookmark inside it makes these festive little packages even more delightful to receive in the mail.  A homemade gift is a special gift to receive.  It shows you took time to make somethings special.

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You can personalize envelopes for other occasions … birthdays, Valentine Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and more by just changing the type of wrapping paper.  I’m thinking of using some of the colouring pages I’ve been creating to make the envelopes with.  You can even create a custom envelope to fit other things … gift cards, postcards, photos and more.  You are only limited by your own imagination.

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