Garden Journal: July 2021

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July has been hot and rainy. Rain in July is not the norm for our area, but it seems every couple of days we have had heavy downpours. The wanna be grass is still green, where usually it starts to dry out this month.

the fence garden at

The orange daylilies, or ditch lilies as I call them, have put on a lovely display of blooms.

July 2021 blooms at

July is the month of lots of blooms … purple coneflower, bee balm, rudbekia, hosta, sorrel, sunflowers, echinacea and more. I take oodles of photos, goodness knows why, but just can’t share all of them.

Rose of Sharon at

The rose of sharon has started to bloom and the bees and pollinators just love it. Look at all the pollen stuck to the bee as it flits from flower to flower.

a thistle growing wild at

In the wild patch at the very back of the garden a gorgeous big thistle plant is growing. Now the purple tufts are appearing the bee is checking it out.

heliopsis growing at

The heliopsis are putting on a gorgeous show of blooms.

bee balm growing at

The bee balm has also been blooming.

It is lovely to see the young birds at the feeders.

the red bellied woodpecker at
red bellied woodpecker
a young oriole at the feeder at
a young female oriole
a young downy woodpecker at
a young downy woodpecker relaxing on the deck railing

Herb’s Place and the trellis garden are a bit of a mess right now as the siding is being replaced on the house so things had to moved to accommodate this. Looking forward to getting these garden areas organized again once it is all finished.

replacing the siding at

During one of the rain storms on a sunny afternoon a rainbow was spotted.

a rainbow over the garden at

I’m sharing these views of the garden with Through my Garden Gate and Mosaic Monday.

garden line

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14 Responses

  1. Vondean Erickson

    Your flowers remind me of my garden in Iowa. I had so many. I just came in from watering the plants and deadheaded some rose bushes. I had some shrubs and trees taken out of my yard on Thursday. Really looks nice seeing them gone.
    I told my son Tim good therapy for me working outside. It gets awfully warm but I know when to quit.
    Take care

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Vondean, I’m sure gardening in California is so different from Iowa. Yes, working outside is wonderful therapy and good exercise. Have a good day.

  2. Myrtle

    A beautiful display of your flowers and the two woodpeckers. I have not seen the downy woodpecker for a while. A gorgeous rainbow!

    Our weather is showing some sun all week here, Al has a couple of jobs to do with no rain for at least two day One is spraying the trees. Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  3. Linda

    Your garden looks amazing, July is always lovely in the garden isn’t it. I love your wildlife visitors, I have very few birds in my garden over July. xx

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Linda, I love all the blooms in July. The rain we have had has stopped the garden from drying up too much and I have hardly had to water. Have a great day.

  4. Debbie-Dabble

    Your garden looks spectacular!! We have had the same weather here but some of my flowers look a bit wilted from too much rain…we actually are supposed to have a 3 day dry stretch!! WHOA!! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!! Have a great day!!

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Debbie, so glad you stopped by for a visit. Hope the good weather continues for you, here it is supposed to last till about Friday. I visited your blog and love the under the sea theme. Have a fantastic day.

  5. Margie

    Your flowers look beautiful! My orange daylilies and rose of sharons (or is it roses of sharon?) have also started blooming.

    Here’s hoping August will bring more more sunshine and fewer thunderstorms.

  6. Angie Winter

    Thank you SO MUCH for joining Mosaic Monday this week! Your flowers are fabulous. The bee balm is such a super attractant for pollinators. The Rose of Sharon reminds me of my Mother. And the young oriole – how special is that?!

  7. Jeannie

    Your flowers are beautiful. Isn’t it amazing what a good rain can do! We have also been getting rain which is very unusual for July. It does make the humidity horrible but I am not complaining!

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