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The weather is getting more seasonal as we move into October.  The Fall colours haven’t been as spectacular this year and the past few days have been rainy and windy causing the leaves to flutter to the ground.

We have a few different ways to check on the weather, besides just looking or standing outside.  One of them is a Fitzroy storm glass.  For just about all of the summer this barometer didn’t register anything and I was beginning to think it wasn’t working and needed resetting.  But in the past couple of weeks the crystal formations have been changing.  This type of barometer was in general use during the 1700’s and Vice Admiral Robert FitzRoy published observations guides which are still used today.  Sailors had this instrument on the mast of their ship and watched the crystal formations to determine good or bad weather.  The different formations are fascinating to watch.  Thank goodness a guide was included when we received this gift so we can see what will be happening with the weather.  I’ver also got some fun ways to predict the weather along with weather vanes, and weather stations.

Fitzroy Storm Glass at

The goldfinches have changed to their winter colours, not the lovely brilliant yellows of the spring and summer.

goldfinch in winter colours at

The nuthatches have returned and really enjoy the peanut feeder.  We purchase the ready shelled peanuts and lots of birds feast on them.

the nuthatch at

The white throated sparrows have been passing through.  We only see these birds in the spring and fall while they are on their migration path.

the white throated sparrows at

The white crowned sparrows have also been passing through on the migration path.  These are similar to the white throated sparrows but don’t have the yellow markings.  Their black and white stripes are more obvious and always remind me of birds with bike helmets on.

white crowned sparrows at

I did manage to get one photo of both of them, but it isn’t one of my better photos.

a white throated and a white crowned sparrow at

There is lots of crafting going on. I’ve been working on a crochet mermaid tail and a shark sack for the grandkids out west.  These will added to the ever growing pile of things to be packed when we leave at the beginning of December.  I’m about half way through the second knitted slippers and the fingerless gloves are progressing.   I’ll share the mermaid tail and shark sack soon.

craft projects in progress at

I wanted to get my hanging winter greenery baskets completed this weekend but the weather isn’t co-operating.  Here is the back garden taken on October 14, 2017.  Those leaves are coming down slowly and surely.

the back garden in mid October at

What have you been doing or seeing in mid October?

I’ll be sharing with  I’d Rather B Birdin’ and Saturday’s Critters  and  Mosaic Monday 

the gardener side at

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  1. Eileen

    Hello, I am looking forward to seeing some new winter birds. I have seen and heard some Kinglets. Love the pretty Sparrows, Nuthatch and the Goldfinch. Your crochet projects will be wonderful gifts for the grandchildren. Wonderful post and photos. I appreciate you joining in with my 200th Critter Party. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Thanks also for your visit and comment. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead.

  2. Margy

    The barometer looks really interesting. Wayne might like something like that to watch. He’s quite the weather watching fan. I’m trying to crochet arm covers for our sofa at the cabin. The arms are starting to show they need some protection. I finished one circle for the front and am now working on the rectangular piece to go over the top. Let’s just say it’s a work in progress for a beginning crocheter. – Margy

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      It is fascinating to watch Margy, especially during wet and winter weather. The crystal formations are very interesting. I’m sure Wayne would love one … perhaps a Christmas gift.

  3. Dawn

    I’ve never heard of a Fitzroy storm glass but now I need one. Yours is a beauty and the crystals are very fascinating. I learned something new today.

  4. lavender dreamer

    I love the nuthatches…we don’t see them here! We finally got out for a hike today! YAY! It was 90 degrees though…not exactly Fall weather ! Enjoy your afternoon. Hugs, Diane

  5. Margie

    This is the first time that I’ve heard of the Fitzroy storm glass. Very cool! Were you affected by today’s #onstorm? We were spared, but some of the nearby towns had quite a bit of damage.

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      We did have rain and wind Margie, not as bad as some areas though. Some places around us lost hydro, but we were lucky and just had a flicker off then back on. It sure is chilly today with the cold front that moved in after the storm. Have a lovely week.

  6. Phil

    I’d never heard of a Fitzroy barometer until now. It must be most interesting to watch how the crystals change with each day. I dio like the variety of birds on and around your feeders, especially the hothatch and the stripey sparrows.

  7. Nicola

    I knew fall was coming when I saw my first flock of starlings. That was a month ago! The leaves are falling like crazy here. Saturday was bitterly cold (5 and windy) and there has been snow at higher elevations. We turned on the heat. Sunday however was lovely and sunny and mild and we had the windows open again. So a typical mixed bag for the shoulder seasons. “Our” squirrels are going nuts (!) collecting up the walnuts from our two trees so once again we are unlikely to actually get any to eat ourselves. But that’s ok.

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      We heard about your chilly weather, our Nicola had similar weather in Victoria, said she even needed to warm up the van before taking the little ones to school. Our temperatures dropped right down after a rain and wind storm yesterday. Our chippy is still hurrying around and stuffing his cheeks with seeds and storing it away. Sometimes I think he has more seed in his home than we have in the feeders. 🙂

  8. Pamela C Gordon

    Your weather barometer is very interesting. I’ve never seen one like it before. We haven’t had a lot of birds here other than a few Eastern Bluebirds passing through as we had a ban on backyard feeders all summer due to the eye disease spreading among the finches. I hope to put my sunflower feeder out soon though and also hope the chickadees will return along with a few others that overwinter. Our weather has been very mild so the birds are finding lots to eat without my help. Will you be spending Christmas with your western family? I’m sure the kids will love their gifts. Have a good week.

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      We are flying out December 4 and won’t be returning till early January. The count down is on. This will be our first Christmas with the grandkids out there, last year we celebrated in September when we were there. We will celebrate with out Ontario family when we return. Double everything 🙂

  9. Myrtle

    I have never heard of them either,very interesting Linda. I love all of your pictures of the birds, When I do get to move to the new house I understand there have been lots of birds

  10. Robin

    Hi Linda, I just saw an article about those barometers and was wondering if they work. Must find one, they look so interesting.
    Yes, the birds sure are an indicator of the changing weather. Although I now see we are in for a warm week!
    Enjoy it!

  11. Maggie

    Your Fitzroy barometer is so much more exciting than the staid version that hangs in my hall! Great bird captures, it was good to see what’s going on in your garden this week, here we’ve leaves and conkers (horse chestnuts) to rake up every day and more wild mushrooms then ever before.
    Thanks for linking to MM again this week, always a pleasure to have your company.

  12. Debbie

    my goldfinches have changed clothes also and my nuthatches have returned too!! i enjoy the change of seasons but i miss the birds that do not return until spring. your images are beautiful, i am a knitter!!!

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      Thanks for stopping by Debbie. We love watching the birds in all seasons. I’m a knitter too, just finishing up a pair of slippers. I’m sharing a crochet mermaid tail and shark sack tomorrow. I see you make soup too, as do I. My freezer is getting stocked up for winter, got 4 or 5 kinds in there already. Enjoy the evening. I’ll be knitting a pair of fingerless gloves while I watch tv.

  13. Sallie

    That storm glass is a real wonder! Beautifully made, useful, and a piece of history. Adore your Autumn birds!

  14. Lorrie

    I’d never heard of a Fitzroy barometer, but it looks like a fascinating piece of equipment. Your crochet projects will be well received in December, I think – how organized you are to be working ahead on them. Lovely bird photos. There have been many birds in our garden recently, too, on their migratory paths, although some of them hang around for the winter here.

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