Garden Updates: April 2022

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The calendar says spring, the snow has all gone, and spring is slowly appearing in the gardens. As usual the weather teases us with a nice warm day and then a chilly day. Today is a rainy day so the grass will green up a bit more, the spring bulbs will grow a little taller and the lilac buds will get a little fatter.

Growth is peeking through the ground. Very promising. The gardens change daily in April. I start to put out some of the garden decorations.


It is a so promising to see the growth on the rhubarb, meaning there will be a good spring crop.


Some of the tulips here are poking through the ground. They were moved last year due to some other garden work. The ring of an old pot was used as a remembe’ring’ marker. I’ve used old margerine and yogurt containers as well as the tops off of plastic pots.

April 2022 garden update at

The hyacinths have multiplied and lots of making an appearance.

April 2022 garden update at

Garlic chives are growing well in a bottomless pot.

April 2022 garden update at

Egyptian walking onions are one of the first plants to green up and start growing.

April 2022 garden update at

The daffodils are already showing some buds. It won’t be long now.

Some garden decorations were repainted over the winter including gnomes and the miniature fairy garden. They are patiently waiting to be placed into the garden.

boots and bumbershoots at
The bumbershoots and boots have been put outside to welcome spring.

Some new crochet mini twirlers were also made. Photos of the small ones will be coming soon when they are hanging in the garden. These are the larger ones I made and hung on the tea thyme tree last year.

How to make a crochet wind spinner at

Another winter painting project was to make create new rock houses to add to Rockville.

The 2021 Rockville Village at
Rockville 2021

If you are in my part of Canada is your garden showing promising signs of coming back to life?

I’m sharing these views of the garden with Through my Garden Gate and Mosaic Monday.

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  1. Linda

    It’s lovely to see the garden showing signs of life, it won’t be long before it’s all lush and green. Rockville is looking good, my spinners are still in the Summer house I’ll wait a little longer before I let them out to play. x

  2. Myrtle Thomas

    So nice to see all the plants starting to pop through the ground and will grow quickly as long as the mild weather holds out.

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