Garden Journal: September 2021

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September, time to change from one season to the next. We seemed to go from hot and humid weather to cool and wet weather in a few short days. And mentioning short days, the daylight is vanishing earlier and earlier as the month goes on.

Sunflowers always put on a lovely show of blooms during this month.

sunflowers at

When the flower heads are dry they are cut and added to the flat feeders for the birds.

Herb's place at

Herb’s Place went through a lot of changes in the past couple of months. When the new siding was added, I had to move a lot of the containers out of the way. Slowly they were moved back into location during this month. My brick inuksuk found a new home here.

garlic chives at

This is the time of year when the garlic chives bloom with their pretty white flowers. I must admit I grow them more for the flowers than actually using the chives.

garlic chives at

It is a good idea to snip off the blooms when finished before they turn to seed, else they will self seed everywhere you can think of and even in places you think they won’t get too.

the rain gauge at

We received a rain gauge as a gift in the summer. It has certainly been put to good use after hardly any rain at all in August. September has had some very heavy rain storms, one lasting over 2 days. September 8 it measured just about 9 cm and on September 22 & 23 we got about 11.5 cm of rain over 2 days.

How to make a crochet wind spinner at

I discovered a pattern for crochet wind spinners and had to make some for the garden even though they won’t be outside much longer.

the trellis garden at

The trellis garden underwent a lot of changes during the month. In August a lot of it had to be moved for the new siding. As a result a new bench was moved into the area and a piece of trellis was fixed to it so that it didn’t lean against the siding. The rose bush had been cut right back to accommodate this and it has now started to grow back. The old gate was moved and in its place a metal bakers stand was added. Already the morning glory are twisting and twirling up the edges.

the honeysuckle vine at

In another part of the trellis garden the climbing honeysuckle vine was cut right back. It was only showing growth at the top, so a huge trim is encouraging it to grow new shoots from the base again. I can’t wait to see how it grows next year.

the trellis garden at

This area is probably finished for this year. The various pieces of trellis look bare but they will quickly fill in next spring. I haven’t forgot about the other areas in the garden but they have not has as much time spent on them this month.

Garden areas

Fall is here. Blooms are finishing, ornaments being put away, plant tables being cleared means the garden is slowly getting ready for winter. The days will quickly get colder and soon it won’t be time to work in the garden anymore this year, just look back through all the photos and dream of the 2022 gardening season.

I’m sharing these views of the garden with Through my Garden Gate and Mosaic Monday.

garden line

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10 Responses

  1. Margie

    The rain gauge is really cool!

    While I’m embracing the changing fall’s coziness and changing colours, I’m a little bummed about the shorter days. I noticed that it was dark by 7:30 pm…

  2. Margy

    The only things that survived the heat dome and no watering in June and early July were one spike plant, weeds and a 20 year old thyme plant in my float garden and my chives in a pot. Now we know who’s the hardiest. – Margy

  3. Sarah

    The days are shortening quickly here too, lovely to see your sunflowers, that’s a great idea to grow them for the bird seed as well as the flowers. I have had my first garlic chive flowers appear in the garden it was so useful to read all about them here. Thank you for joining in again this month. Sarah x

  4. Debbie-Dabble

    We too went from hot and humid to much cooler weather….I already cleaned up the patio and packed away some things…Next will be all my Garden Art…..Usually I have a lot more done at this time but it has stayed warmer much longer into the Season….Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    • Crafty Gardener

      It is always hard to put away the garden decorations knowing that winter is coming. Mine is just about all done now. Some of it has been put into a container for repairs over the winter. That kind of keeps gardening going through those cold months.

  5. Myrtle Thomas

    Hello Linda, I am now at Darren & Debbie’s. I enjoyed the garden journal. I have a lot of catch-ups so a very short reply.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Myrt, hope you are having a lovely time with Darren & Debbie, is it getting colder in North Bay? See you at the group soon.

  6. Jeannie@GetMeToTheCountry

    Oh my, what a massive amount of work it took for you to move or trim everything so the siding could be installed. I have found repairmen are usually kind and careful but oblivious as to what is a flower or what is a weed. Thankfully it isn’t something you have to do often. The siding looks good (very clean!) and will serve you well when the cold weather arrives.
    Yes, let’s start dreaming of next spring.

    • Crafty Gardener

      It was a lot of work, but a chance to change things around. The end result for this year looks good, and will give me a chance to see what needs doing when things start to grow again next year. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Barbara

    Lovely walk through your garden. I particularly loved the sun flowers. I must remember to grow some next year for the birds. B x

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