Feeding in the Rain

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The feeders have been busy places while the rain has been pouring down.  There has been lots of young birds in … perhaps filling up on food for the long flights ahead of them in the coming weeks.  We have had quite a few rainy days this past week … some just light rain and some with heavy downpours.

I’ve been trying the different options with the programs I have that create mosaic or collage photos.

The birds in these photos are young grosbeak, house sparrow, downy woodpecker, goldfinch, young blackbird and dove.

at the feeders - craftygardener.ca

The above one was done with Fotor and it gives you the option to round your corners.

We put regular bird food into one of the coconut feeders this week and all sorts of birds have been snacking there.

at the feeders - craftygardener.ca

This one was created in Picasa using the picture pile option.  From there you can add borders, backgrounds and change the size of the images.

at the feeders - craftygardener.ca

The one also used the picture pile option and you can rotate the images.


Did you know that while using this option you can right click on an image and bring it to the front or send it to the back?  This one used more images and a coloured background.

at the feeders - craftygardener.ca

This one was also done in Picasa using the mosaic image.  You can also add borders to the width you want.

at the feeders - craftygardener.ca

There are also lots of free online sites for making mosaic images.  This one is made at ipiccy.com

Resizing and text are done with Pixelmator.

Mosaic/collage photos are fun to create … have you created one lately?  What is your favourite place to create these images?


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