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The robins are nesting once again over the light above the garage door.  This has been a popular nesting spot for several years now.  They will reuse a nest from the previous year after making sure it is up to code and doing a little remodelling, but most likely the nesting instinct takes over and a new one is built.

The American Robin is named after the British robin because of its red breast.  But the American and British robins aren’t related.  The American robins belong to the thrush family, in fact the largest thrush in North America.   They can be up to 25 cm. long.  It is one of the earliest birds to lay eggs.


The female is the nest builder and both male and female help protect the young.  Robins are territorial birds and their singing is a way of telling other robins that this spot is claimed.


The male and female are similare in colouring and size although the female is a bit duller.


The eggs hatch about 14 days after being laid, and in about 2 weeks are ready to leave the next.


The little ones can be quite vocal in calling for food when mama leaves the nest.


Very often they are rewarded by a big juicy grub or worm.  Not my idea of a tasty meal!

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