A Family Walk

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On Monday morning we went for one of our walks down by the bay.  It seems it was a morning for family outings.

duck walk1

Mother duck and her ducklings …

duck walk2

… another group of ducklings …

geese walk1

… a large flock of geese out walking by the parking lot

We counted 6 geese (perhaps all moms) and about 35 young geese.  They had certainly found some tasty bits to eat from the grass.

geese walk2

Heading back to the water after a snack.

You can see it was a hazy morning.  The humidex reading was 42 Celsius (about 114 F for my non metric readers) in the afternoon.  There was a bit of a cooling breeze off the water and we walked for about an hour along the waterfront trail.

I’m sharing these lens friends with Wild Bird Wednesday.

lots more lens friends

birds in the garden … critters in the garden … water birds

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