Creating and Downsizing

Gardening just doesn’t happen overnight. Last year we decided to create a new garden between the back trees which is a shady area. The first thing we did was bring home a lot of logs from the local landfill which would become the edge of the garden.

back tree garden at
logs for the back tree garden

Some of the logs were cut, a trench dug, and the logs were set in place. We also had some old railway ties which were put in for another edging.

the back tree garden at
the seasons

This was done in early fall as the leaves were falling. Lots of leaves were piled into the new garden area and on top of that were put all sorts of old tubs and containers full of dirt. Then winter set in and we waited for spring.

Over winter lots of discussions went on as to what we would be doing with this garden. It was finally decided to move the logs to the back of the garden and keep them at various heights and move the railway ties to the front of the garden. The pots/containers of dirt were emptied out on top of the leaves (which had already started to break down) and more soil was added.

the back tree garden at
back tree garden in early spring

We had a deluge of rain during April and into May. This helped to settle the dirt and we could add some more. Then the transplanting started. We moved ferns, hosta, bleeding hearts and astilbe from the shady front garden.

the back tree garden at

The plants took well, probably because we had more rain, and then more rain. At this point we wondered if it would ever stop raining.

the back tree garden at
May 20, 2019

The above photo shows how the garden looked on May 20, 2019. I’ll check in with this garden each month (photo) and see the progress.

This view of the back garden shows the new garden at the back between the two trees and what is left of the windmill garden.

back tree garden at
May 25, 2019

This area is a disaster as it is the garden that is being downsized. If you remember this garden from other posts you will notice that the old cement fountain is gone and so is the cement block edging. One of the things I’m doing this year is making the garden as maintenance free as possible. Keeping the fountain filled with plants was a huge job and an even huger job (if there is such a word) was keeping the grass out of the cement block edging. So they both had to go, given away to new gardens.

This is the work in progress right now and another area I’ll be documenting as the season goes along.

Garden areas

It is close to the end of May and the warmer weather is just arriving. In the last few days I’ve planted the tomatoes, peas, and beans and added a few hanging baskets to the gazebo. Today is to be another rainy day so all the new plantings and transplanting will get well watered.

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  1. Nicola Newington

    Long time no see! I like your new garden. I am not a gardener but I do appreciate all your posts about beautifying your property. We recently took three old messy evergreens out from the front of our house. What a difference! So much more light in the house, and now that my husband has created a flowerbed and we have put in new plants it looks great. Have a great weekend!

    • Crafty Gardener

      Thanks for stopping by Nicola. We were in Victoria for just about all of April and I’m just getting back into sharing on my website. I do share photos on Instagram, don’t know if you are on there. I’ve been also participating in a yarn crawl through south eastern Ontario, so have lots of new yarn to create with. While in the Victoria area I also visited a few wonderful yarn stores. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Margy

    I love the natural look of the new garden with the logs and railroad ties. You have so many wonderful garden spots on your property. I’m not going to have a garden at all this year. At first it was just going to be downsized, but because of a few recent events all I’m going to do is keep my perennial plants living. – Margy

    • Crafty Gardener

      I’ve been catching up with your blogs, and for some reason it won’t sign me into my Google account so I can comment. Here is what I was trying to post.
      Just catching up after a long break from blogland. What adventures you will have with your new rv.

  3. Jennifer Jilks

    Nicely done. I was thinking about adding a couple of gardens, under trees, like yours. I’m not sure my foot issues will let me, though. Keep up the great work!

  4. Margie

    The new garden looks great, Linda. I don’t have much of a green thumb so I’m all about maintenance-free gardening!

  5. Myrtle

    You do still have quite a few gardens Linda. Love your fence garden. Good to be back into gardening season even if we have to cut back.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Most of the gardens now have perennial plants that take care of themselves. I’ve eliminated things like tipsy pots, annuals, perennials that constantly need dead heading etc, We are enjoying things day by day as the weather is so changeable.

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