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Black capped chickadees are year round visitors to our garden.  It is delightful to hear the dee-dee-dee call(and others) through the open window or when sitting or working in the garden.   The chickadee is the provincial bird of New Brunswick but it is found across most of Canada.  There are 6 difference species of chickadees across the country.

This little bird can drop its body temperature at night by about 10 degrees Celsius to conserve energy.  They measure from 12 to 15 cm. in length and weigh about 11 grams.  They also have a fantastic memory and can remember where they hid food for up to a month.


This lovely little bird will flit from feeder to feeder, especially the black oil sunflower seed and the suet feeders.  Here he is checking out the rose arbour and posing for a photo.


The distinctive black cap and bib and the markings on its wings and tail make it easy to identify.

chickadees 2011b

This curious little bird is very friendly and doesn’t flit away as we move around the garden making them perfect lens friends.

I’m sharing with I’d Rather B Birdin’ and Wild Bird Wednesday.

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