Recipe: Avocado on Toast

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Have you ever wondered if you can freeze avocados? I recently read a tip that said you most certainly could freeze fresh avocados. So of course I had to try it out. I have in the past purchased bags of frozen avocados and they are quite good, but a tad expensive unless you find them on sale.

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I cut the avocado in half, removed the big pit, and removed the skin. I used half of it right away to make avocado on toast and I froze the other half.

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I cut the remaining half into 4 sections, popped them on parchment paper to freeze. Once frozen I put them in a zip lock bag for use later.

Avocados are an egg shaped fruit that have lots of healthy benefits. They are high in good fat which helps lower cholesterol, low in sugar, lots of vitamins and minerals, and fibre. And they are naturally gluten free.

They are cultivated in tropical and mediterranean climates and grow on trees. Mexico is the largest supplier of avocados to Canada. You should store them at room temperature. As I’m the only one that eats them I usually don’t buy the bags of them (which are usually a better price).

There are lots of recipes you can search out, one of the most popular is guacamole and lately avocado on toast is very popular and also very expensive in restaurants.

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You can get creative on how to use avocados – in wraps, on their own, in a smoothie, in baking and much more.

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To use the frozen avocados I took them out of the freezer and defrosted them in a dish on the counter. I use one of my favourite gluten free white breads from Kinnikinnick and toasted two slices of bread, added a little Becel (salt & gluten free) and mashed the avocados with a fork right onto the toast. Served with tomato slices and cucumber slices it made a very tasty lunch along with a cup of chamomile tea.

As I’m the only one that likes avocados a big bag usually was too much for me. This was a great thing to try out and now I’ll be purchasing the larger, better priced, bags of avocados and freezing my own.

Do you have a favourite way to eat avocados?

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Find a yummy recipe to cook.

  1. Myrtle Thomas

    My oldest son’s wife shared a piece of her avocado on toast on one of my visits and I enjoyed it so yes I now buy one now and then and enjoy avocado on toast just with some spice sprinkled on it.

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