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Are you acquainted with Aunt Dimity?  She is the paranormal detective in the series by Nancy Atherton.

Aunt Dimity by Nancy Atherton

Lori Shepherd is the main character is this series and Aunt Dimity was a very good friend of her mother. Lori’s Mom used to tell her bedtime stories about Aunt Dimity.  She began to feel Dimity was a made up character for the stories.  But one day Lori discovered that Dimity was a real person who had left her a bequest in her will.

Aunt Dimity by Nancy Atherton

The 19th book in the Aunt Dimity series by Nancy Atherton … Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well.  The setting of these books in the village of Finch, where everyone knows everything about their neighbours … well all the neighbours except Hector Huggins who recently passed away.  A long, lost nephew from Australia, Jack,MacBride, shows up at the funeral to pay his respects to Uncle Hector … except the villagers didn’t know about Jack at all.  

Aunt Dimity by Nancy Atherton

All the regulars are in this story and it didn’t take me long to get re-acquainted with them .. Sally Pyne, Grant Tavistock, Charles Bellingham, Miranda Morrow,Peggy Taxman, Bree and more.

Aunt Dimity by Nancy Atherton

If you have read any of these books you know that Lori talks to Aunt Dimity via an old journal.  Lori had inherited the cottage and its contents from Aunt Dimity in her will.  They had never met in person.

Aunt Dimity by Nancy Atherton

There are 24 books in the series and I finished it off during the first lockdown we had starting in March of 2020 and lasting about 3+ months. Now we are into our second lockdown, from December 26, 2020 to January 23, 2021. Hoping it doesn’t last longer but you never know. Perhaps I’ll have to revisit some of the earlier books I can get through our library ebook system.

Aunt Dimity by Nancy Atherton

I really enjoy this series and hope you will too. They can be read in any order but I suggest if you are going to read them you try to get them in the correct order as that way you get to follow the characters as their stories are developed.

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  1. Linda

    These books sound delightful I’m off to investigate, have a peaceful Sunday.x

    • Crafty Gardener

      I love books that are set in England, makes me feel like I’m back home. This is a great series, wish there were more, but all good things come to an end.

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