Garden Updates: An April Weather Blip

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It is just about a month into spring and the weather decided to send along a blip. SNOW!

an April 18, 2022 snowy day at

The daffodils are getting ready to bloom with their yellow buds, but this morning they are covered with wet snow.

rhubarb in the garden at

The rhubarb that has grown well since the last update has snow all around it.

red bellied woodpecker at

Just a couple of days before hand the red bellied woodpecker was enjoying the peanut feeder …


and the feral cat that has adopted us was curled up in the sun asleep.

an April 18, 2022 snowy day at

By 9:30 last night everything was white, but this morning the roads and paths were clear. The snow is melting away and this afternoon it is supposed to rain. Let’s hope this is the last blast of winter and warm spring weather returns soon.

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  1. Myrtle

    The snow from last night has disappeared along with the snow I kept seeing this morning. The sun just came out, gone again and the wind has picked up again today

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