A Whimsical Weekend

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I’ve added some whimsy to the garden this weekend. I’m working outside in chunks of time as this is my really bad allergy time and it is non stop sneezing and nose blowing.

I have quite a collection of garden frogs that are displayed by the bridge in front of a big clump of daylilies.

frog parking at craftygardener.ca
frog parking

I made a little sign, can’t remember where I first saw this saying, but thought it was cute. At one time I did have a ceramic toad but it either got broken or misplaced. I’ll have to hunt for a new one to complete the scenario.

the fence garden at craftygardener.ca
the fence garden June 23, 2019

Another bit of whimsy was added to the fence garden. A flower pot used as a hat on the stumpy was cracked beyond repair so I had some buckets from my tipsy buckets that I didn’t make this year. That was another cutback for maintenance free gardening. Another bucket was added to the log owl. A lot of items in the garden have seen better days and are used to decorate the fence.

Stumpy family at craftygardener.ca
new stumpy faces

The front diamond garden is a work in progress this year. Plants have been divided and moved, others have been removed and three new log stumps were moved from the front shade garden into this one. They have holes drilled in the top and a solar lights is pushed in. They just weren’t getting enough sun in the other garden so got moved to this garden and they soak up the sun all day long and glow once it gets dark. I found three new “tree”mendous faces to add for more whimsy.

I’ve shared lots of the other Stumpy family and you can check them out here.

Hope you are having a whimsical day!

garden line

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  1. Myrtle

    Good afternoon Linda. It has been trying to rain her for over two hours.
    I always enjoy see what changes you have made in your garden.I really like the two faces on the stumps

  2. Margie

    The stumps with faces made me smile.

    Allergy season seems to have hit everyone hard this year.

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