2sDay: Robins

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It’s 2sDay and time for photos of two of the same things.

What a wonderful surprise to see robins on the last day of January this year.

2sDay robins at craftygardener.ca

They were busy flitting around the ground, probably looking for a tasty snack of bugs.

2sDay robins at craftygardener.ca

The robins are early this year, probably due to the unusual weather we’ve had during January.

 2sDay robins at craftygardener.ca

I hope winter doesn’t settle in and scare them away.

2sDay robins at craftygardener.ca

It is always such a treat to see the first robins of the year, a sign of spring approaching.  Here in Canada we get the American robins, different from the cute little British robins we see on Christmas cards and that are found in Britain.

2sDay robins at craftygardener.ca

So of course, as this is a 2sDay post I can’t resist sharing 2 more mosaic/collage images of the robins.2sDay robins at craftygardener.ca

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